Could it be that we have gotten bored carrying around those plastic water bottles to down the recommended eight glasses per day?  Even if that fad is fading, merchandisers have a new gimmick to get us to pay a lot for what is free from the tap.


First we had sports drinks– green or yellow– with sugar, potassium and whatever else might be added to make us believe we could outplay our competitors.


Then we were offered vitamin waters to improve and protect our health.


Water is almost always the largest ingredient in cosmetics and some company have now just gone with water as a beauty treatment. The functional water brand Borba is one of the leaders in the sector with its range of Skin Balance Waters.


“The selection of enhanced waters contain antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals, with each drink being formulated to help provide clearer, firmer skin, and to counteract dry, dehydrated skin,” the company claims.


Launched in 2005, the Skin Balance Waters were originally marketed in beauty stores Sephora and Nordstrom, before being introduced into grocery stores.


Borba’s Skin Balance Waters were picked up by Anheuser-Busch in late summer last year and at the time of the distribution deal the company’s vice president of business operations, Dave Peacock, noted that adding the range allowed the company to participate in the emerging nutraceutical beverage category. Nutraceuticals are ingredients that do more than just nourish you. They have a minor pharmaceutical benefit.


In addition, PepsiCo has targeted the notion of beauty through water with the launch of a skin care range that carries the Aquafina logo. Aquafina is one of the biggest selling water brands in the US and the company’s Aquafina Enhanced Hydration skin care range benefits from consumer associations between water and health and the extensive advertising budget behind the brand


Now there is anti-aging water that is claimed to make our skin beautiful and unwrinkled from within. Flavors and fine ingredients company, Frutarom, is targeting the fast growing “inner” beauty water market with a new anti-aging offering.


Frutarom, a flavor and fine ingredients company, has signed an agreement with France-based company Copalis, which specializes in marine-based ingredients for health, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.



Frutarom’s Laurent Leduc is quoted as saying: “Beauty from within is something very new in the US but it is growing fast. Although it is a few years behind Europe and Asia we are seeing a lot of demand from both dietary supplement manufacturers and cosmetic companies”.


Frutarom’s ingredient is colorless, soluble and virtually tasteless. It is the companies first  product to target the anti-aging market directly with a beauty water. The company, along with other functional food and cosmetic manufacturers, reportedly see a big potential for such water products in the States. Throughout this year, expect to see “beauty water” offered at your local stores.


If you can have vitamin water that keeps you strong and healthy and sports water that keeps you in the game and beauty water that keeps your skin looking younger, why not dive in? The psychological lift may keep you in the swim—that is if you are not sunk by  the price tags.